Dil Se Di Dua - Saubhagyavati Bhava (2012)


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Duration: 22 minutes

Genre: Thriller, Psychological thriller

Release date: 18 December 2011


Director: Sachin Kannan

Writers: Jainesh Ejardar,Nageen Mirza,Dheeraj Sarna

Box office:

Producer: Vikas Seth, Mahesh Pandey

Music Composer: Rajiv Bhatt

Dil Se Di Dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava? is about the struggle of Jahnvi, who was faced with any girl's worst fears - an over-possessive and abusive husband, Viraj. To the outside world, Viraj was suave and charming, at home he was a different man. Viraj, who had an abusive childhood, was irrationally dominating while being sweet, polite and nice. While everyone saw Viraj as the perfect husband, it was only Jahnvi who knew and deals with the manipulative and irrational side of him. Viraj was a very rich businessman of the city, and loved Jhanvi since he saw her in college before the marriage, few years ago. But Jhanvi faced extreme domestic violence and torture from him, but still loved him and tried to change him but was unable. After being tortured by Viraj Jhanvi faked her own death and ran away from viraj's house and started a new life by changing her identity, she changed her name to Sia and fleed to Gurgaon so Viraj not could find out she was alive. Viraj was shocked to hear the news of his wife's death. Sia met Raghav in Gurgaon ,who was her saviour and helped her to become a strong woman so she could face her "fear". He fell in love with her, but she remained unaware. Sia met Raghav's mother, who asked her to stay in their house as Krish (Raghav's nephew) governess. Eventually the family members of Raghav started to love Sia and they considered her as their family member. But Viraj found out that Sia still was alive so he tracked her and found out where she was. He created drama between the family members and Sia only to get her back, but with Raghav's help Sia got him arrested while she realized her love for Raghav. Sia divorced Viraj and married Raghav and started her new life with him and her in laws. Viraj was sent to mental asylumWikipedia

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Star As
 Karanvir Bohra... Viraj Dobriyal
 Sriti Jha... Jhanvi / Sia
 Harshad Chopra... Raghavendra Pratap Singh / Raghav
 Urvashi Dholakia... Dr. Komolika Rana
 Mala Salariya... Ananya Ghosh / Onu
 Vinay Rohrra... Rajender / Raj
 Ram Mehar Jangra... Unniyal
 Jaya Ojha... Uma Sharma
 Sumukhi Pendsey... Gayatri Singh
 Akanksha Juneja... Tanisha / Tashu
 Yash Ghanekar... Krish

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