Jodha Akbar (2013)


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Duration: Approx. 24 minutes

Genre: Drama

Release date: 18 June 2013


Director: Santram Verma

Writers: R M Joshi, Binita Desai, Kirtida Gautam, Mayu

Box office:

Producer: Ekta Kapoor , Shobha Kapoor

Music Composer: Lalit Sen

Jodha Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a political wedding ceremony of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. But much more then that it's the wedding ceremony of compares.

Jallaludin Mohommad (Akbar) who had inherited his dad, Humayan's Mughal Empire at the age of 13, after his father's death, had been conveyed up almost like a taught assassin by Bairam Khan, his father's supreme commander. Hard-nosed, uneven, strong and heartless... and priding himself on the each of those facets of his character, the only thing Akbar had discovered was to elaborate his empire - at the cost of others inhabits - at the cost of strong feelings - at the cost of love - the word he was never well known with.

while Jodha, the daughter of Raja Bharmal, the Rajput King of Amer (one of the most affluent Rajput Kingdom's of its time) treasured each of those emotions - valued the life of even the birds and bees of her kingdom - she only hated the Mughal's who she sensed were intruding upon her land, and liked to oust them from Rajputana, along with their Emperor Jallaluddin, whom she despised with her heart.

Little did Akbar know at the time of his wedding ceremony to Jodha, the fiery Rajput princess, in alignment to elaborate his empire into Rajputana, the land of the Valiant Rajputs, he would in turn be embarking upon a new excursion - the excursion of factual love - he would find out the heart which he not ever sensed he had - and it would throb for its rightful lover - Jodha.

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Star As
 Rajat Tokas... Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar
 Chhaya Ali Khan... Hamida Banu Begum
 Lavina Tandon... Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
 Manisha Yadav... Salima Sultan Begum
 Parag Tyagi... Sharifuddin Hussain
 Paridhi Sharma... Rajkumari Jodha Bai
 Rajeev Saxena... Raja Bharmal
 Natasha Sinha... Rani Mainawati
 Kunal Bhatia... Rajkumar Bhagwan Das
 Nupur Saxena... Sa Bhagawati Ji Sahiba
 Bhakti Narula... Rani Lilavati
 Vicky Batra... Rajkumar Sujamal
 Bhagyshree Mote... Rajkumari Sukanya
 Pragati Choursiya... Rajkumari Shivani
 Ankit Raizada... Rajkumar Man Singh
 Gandharva Pardeshi... Rajkumar Jagganath
 Dev Bishit... Rajkumar Khangar
 Akhil Vaid... Rajkumar Raj Singh
 Ajay Paul Singh Andotra... Mantri Lakshman Das
 Ashwini Kalsekar... Maham Anga
 Chetan Hansraj... Aadam Khan
 Naved Aslam... Bairam Khan
 Prianca Sharma... Javeda
 Prince Singh... Suryabhan Singh
 Ishita Vyas... Motibai
 Kalyani Trivedi... Shagunibai

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