Pyaar Ka Dard Hai...Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaa (2012)


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Duration: 24 minutes

Genre: Romance, Drama

Release date: 18 June 2012


Director: Ashish Shrivastav

Writers: Rohini Niwani,Prabha

Box office:

Producer: Rajshri Productions

Music Composer:

The story revolves around the life of Aditya or more lovingly called Adi and Pankhuri who have a completely different way of viewing life. Adi comes from a broken home while Pankhuri is brought up learning about values and relationships, Adi belongs to Rich Diwan family in Mumbai where Pankhuri lives in Kullu. Both family meet each other for marriage proposal. They get to know each other well and become good friends. However, mistakes of Pankhuri's uncle breaks the engagement. When Pankhuri gets a job in Mumbai Adi gets to know and he invites Pankhuri to stay with him in his house. She hesitates and first but finally agrees.

Adi's grandfather and father feel that Pankhuri is the perfect girl for Adi and they should get married. Adi's Nanaji and Adi's father try to bring Adi and Pankhuri closer by creating various situations. Adi's mother doesn't like Pankhuri as she is poor and fixes Adi's marriage with Latika, her friend's daughter. During this period, Pankhuri makes a promise to Nanaji to try and bring Adi's broken family back as one like hers. Whilst doing this, both Adi and Pankhuri become very good friends, which annoys Latika. Latika immediately dislikes Pankhuri as she thinks Pankhuri is trying to get in between her and Adi. Adi agrees to the marriage something which Nanaji isn't very happy with. Pankhuri supports him in all aspects for his marriage, but at a particular stage she recognizes that she has some deep feelings for Adi.

Meanwhile, Pankhuri is engaged to Shivam, Neha's brother-in-law. However, due to a curfew in Mumbai, Adi and Pankhuri have to spend a night in a hotel room together. The next morning, everyone is busy trying to find them when Latika, Adi's former fiancee comes to their house claiming Adi has raped her. But when Adi and Pankhuri come back, Pankhuri proves Latika wrong. Due to this, Shivam starts to have second thoughts about their relationship. At Pankhuri's and Shivam's wedding, Latika plans to take revenge on Pankuri by revealing to everyone that Pankhuri loves Adi and has spent a night with him in Mumbai. Adi arrives to stop Latika ruining his best friend's marriage. But Shivam's family has second thoughts. In all this confusion, Adi puts Sindoor on Pankhuri's forehead and later learns that he has thus unknowingly married her. Now the story continues on with them adjusting to their new lives as husband and wife.Wikipedia

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Star As
 Nakuul Mehta... Aditya Harish Kumar a.k.a. Adi
 Disha Parmar... Pankhuri Aditya Kumar
 Nitesh Pandey... Harish Kumar
 Manasi Salvi... Avantika Harish Kumar
 Mukesh Khanna... Purushottam Deewan a.k.a. Nana
 Leena Prabhu... Ambika Diwakar Gupta
 Ajita Kulkarni... Sushma Pushkar Gupta
 Paintal... Dada Ji
 Bharti Sharma... Kutti Govardhan Kaneria
 Ashlesha Sawant... Preeti Purushottam Deewan
 Mehul Buch... Anuj Purushottam Deewan
 Sonali Pandit... Sheela Anuj Deewan
 Alefia Kapadia... Latika
 Priyanka Nayyar... Nisha

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