FIR (2006)


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Duration: 22 minutes

Genre: comedy

Release date: 31 July 2006


Director: SAB Creative Team

Writers: Amit Aryan

Box office:

Producer: Benaifer Kohli & Sanjay Kohli

Music Composer: Gaurav Vaswani

F.I.R. is an acronym for ''First Information Report'' that the Indian police prepares for each case to be investigated.FIR is a situational comedy serial revolving around a haryanvi police officer named ''Chandramukhi Chautala'' and her two funny subordinates ''viz. ''head'' ''constable ''Gopinath Gandothra'' aka ''Gopi'' and constable ''Billu''. The show depicts their lives as they try to solve every case which comes to ''Imaan Chowki'' in a comical and unusual way.Over the seasons several characters were introduced such as Inspector ''Hanuman Prasad Pandey ''(season 1); Inspector ''Raj Aryan ''(season 2); Inspector ''Bajrang Pandey'' (season 3), ''Koki'' and her sister Joki ;the Commissioner and his brother-in-law ''Billu'', who suffers from periodic memory loss and mistakes himself for someone else, for example, a gangster, a common man, a famous film character etc.The show took a 20 year leap when Kavita Kaushik, who played the lead role, departed from the show and introduced Chitrashi Rawat as Chandramukhi's Daughter ''Jwalamukhi Chautala'' as the crime rate in Ravanpur touched the sky. Gopi and Billu decided to get her as a sub-inspector because someone as fierce as Chandramukhi Chautala can reign in the crime rate. But due to poor response by the viewers, the changes were reverted on 8 July' 2013 and the incidents occurring in the 20 year leap were converted into sub-inspector Gopi's mere dream and the show then continued along with Chandramukhi Chautala's return.

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one of best tv show of Sab tv this serial is hilarious. the way they register fir and solve cases is amazing.

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Star As
 Kavita Kaushik... Chandramukhi Chautala
 Gopi Bhalla... Gopinath Gandotra
 Sandeep Anand... Head Constable Billu
 Suresh Chatwal... Commissioner
 Manju Sharma... Victim's relative
Vishal Barot
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one of best tv show of Sab tv this serial is hilarious. the way they register fir and solve cases is amazing.

Barot Vivek
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Best comedy show of sabtv...

-Well khana dekhne mein lag raha hai achha is the
Meri saas mujhe kehti hai gadhe ka bacha is the

-Badkismati ne de diya hai peda is the
Wo kar degi hume tedha is the
-Ya moms we are taiyar is the
Gopi ko chahta hai Kashmir ho ya bihar is the
-Madam kab dengi Idea jab hum sab ka band baj jaega?
CC-Pehle Rapta to khaiye
- mai apko bahar tak chhod deta hun fir khud chale jana, jao yahan koi kam nai hota, koi FIR nai likha jata...Gorilla ka tickey lagao aur paise kamao..

Gopi- Who is she is the delhi mai hai airport palam is the ..heheee


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