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Duration: 21 minutes

Genre: Teen Drama

Release date: 26 November 2012


Director: Kushal Zaveri, Lovely Singh

Writers: Vikas Gupta, Meghana Datta

Box office:

Producer: Ekta Kapoor, Shobha Kapoor & Vikas Gupta

Music Composer:

The Show is about an aspiring 17 year old actor Rohan Shah whose role model is Karan Kundra. He goes to the balaji office for an audition of Gumraah and gets selected. In the meantime he gets to go in Kundra's party (organised by Soumya Seth to reunite Kundra and Kittoo) with a friend and not knowing about Kundar's and Kittoo's (Kritika Kamra) breakup plays a cd having their past memories to wish them anniversary which angers Kundra. In the same party Sara Khan turns out in a bikini to grab media attention and plays a large part in helping Rohan play that cd. The next day Sara is shocked to see the newspapers filled with the breakup news rather than her bikini pics. The story then covers the life and struggles of various celebrities from Rohan's point of view.

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Star As
 Rohan Shah... Rohan Shah
 Karan Kundra... Karan Kundra
 Soumya Seth... Soumya Seth
 Sara Khan... Sara Khan
 Pooja Gor... Pooja Gor
 Raj Singh Arora... Raj Singh Arora
 Priya Wal... Priya Wal
 Vikrant Massey... Vikrant Massey
 Abigail Jain... Abigail Jain
 Karan Arora... Karan Arora
 Kritika Kamra... Kritika Kamra
 Prince Hayer... Prince Hayer
 Nauman Sait... Nauman Sait
 Karan Chabra... Karan Chabra
 Paras Chhabra... Paras Chhabra
 Arjit Taneja... Arjit Taneja
 Ayesha Kanga... Ayesha Kanga
 Nikita Sharma... Taani

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