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Genre: drama

Release date: 19 March 2012


Director: Ravi Bhushan

Writers: Deepali Junjappa, Faizal Akhtar

Box office:

Producer: Gul Khan, Nissar Parvez, Gorky, Shakti Sagar

Music Composer:


Topper of the Year, is an inspiring, rousing coming of age tale of an entire generation of youngsters studying at DPSC (Dhirendra Pratap Singh College), a prestigious college in Delhi. It's a humorous and riveting campus drama that states that there's more to this Facebook generation than iPod and low-waist jeans.

After a long series of events in Suvreen's life including her joining the fashion course followed by her father's disapproval towards it, her earning the fashion course fee and followed by her father's realization of her dreams and situations that brought Suvreen and Yuvraj close together and the problem of winning her father's approval for this, Alisha creating bad circumstances leading to Suvreen getting into a major fight with her papa when he gets to know of Suvreen’s Valentine escapade with Yuvraj. Her father refuses to listen to anything that Suvreen has to say and even ends up slapping her. He asks her to go out of his life, and Suvreen does so by walking out of her house. The girl also ends up getting into an argument with Yuvraj after which Yuvraj and Suvreen choose different paths for their future.

Meanwhile, tension builds up when Suvreen’s parents start to search for their daughter. Yuvraj too is cross at himself for allowing Suvreen to walk away from his life. Nobody knows where Suvreen has gone. Suvreen is seen walking on a busy highway. And then a dramatic accident is shown on the highway, wherein a young girl has succumbed to her injuries and has lost her life. Yuvraj gets to know of this, and wants to know if it is Suvreen. Everyone thinks the dead body to be that of Suvreen's and takes her to be dead.

The Season One of the show had a fitting and dramatic climax wherein Suvreen (Smriti Kalra) has a showdown with almost everyone and decides to move on in pursuit of her dreams. The season 2 of the show will focus on Suvreen's journey to success and fame in Mumbai, in the fashion world.


Season 2 follows how Suvreen leaves her home, struggles and finds a foothold in the fashion industry. She still is not so established but while trying to make a mark she still faces many problems in different fields. The story showcases how she solves all her problems, maintains a balance between her home and work and tries to make everyone happy including her parents, Boyfriend and friends.

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Star As
 Smriti Kalra... Suvreen Guggal
 Shivin Narang... Yuvraj Singh

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