Humse Hai Liife (2011)


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Duration: 22 minutes

Genre: drama

Release date: 5 September 2011


Director: Gorky, Maan Singh

Writers: Hitesh Kewalya

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Sia Dhillon— She struggled a lot with her life at Adarsh Colony,a place known for its lower-middle-class families as well as for small time thieves like Rangeela, who sell the stolen products at cheaper rates, but she was focused on her dream of becoming a boxer. She slapped her old school's principal when she found that prize money she had won by winning the boxing championship for her school would not be used for development of her career in boxing but would be used by principal for his personal purposes. The news of a brave girl slapping her principal, comes in newspapers and comes to notice of Principal Shenoy of Elite school. Elite School is an institution cum hostel where the children of rich and famous study and its alumni consists for many achievers. Coach Karamveer of Elite School was of the opinion that though Elite was the best school in the country, it was lagging behind in sports for past few years and suggests to Principal Shenoy that students from lower background be allowed to enter Elite school by scholarship programs and Shenoy approves of this plan. But rich students of Elite like Vishal Solanki, Saloni, Boney and others protest and make plans to disallow entry of Elite students but certain other rich kids - Ragahv, Arjun want to welcome the poor kids coming into Elite via scholarship program with open arms. Karanveer decides to visit Adarsh colony to personally deliver the admission form of 'Elite school via scholarship program' to Sia and at the same time Ragahv, a student of Elite, hides himself in the vehicle in which Karanveer travels, as he too wants to visit Adarsh Colony to get a movie downloading software for Elite school students from Rangila. In this visit, circumstances make way for the very first encounter as strangers between Raghav and Sia. After performing in the talent contest conducted by Elite school, Sia gets admission in Elite School with a boxing scholarship. She meets the heart throb of Elite - Raghav Oberoi on her first day at Elite where Raghav disguises himself as Rajiv Shukla, a nerd. Her life is made very tough in Elite due to evil plans made by wicked minds of Vishal and Saloni. Sia has lots of fights with Raghav as he plays pranks on her from her first day till her mid-term exams in 11th standard begins. Though Raghav cares for Sia right from the start, as she is a simpleton, he does not consider her to be fit enough to be his girlfriend but gradually their friendship grows during the period before and after their 11th mid-term exams. After struggling a lot in Elite she makes good friends like Arjun, Gurpreet, Akash, Amber, Sama, Tanya. Sia in particular begins to consider Arjun as her best friend. Arjun guides Sia in her study plans and also gives her timely advice whenever Sia finds it tough being in Elite and boosts her confidence when she becomes sad. Arjun develops fondness for Sia gradually, but does not plan to disclose to Sia directly and decides that after their 11th standard mid-term exams he may disclose to Sia with help of Raghav. Meanwhile, Sia falls in love with Raghav, after Raghav had protected her from goons in a jungle, but she does not want to express it as she is of the opinion that Ragahv and Saloni are a couple and that she had come to Elite only for fulfilling her boxing dreams and falling in love is a bad thing and not meant for her. Arjun starts being possessive about Sia but Arjun realizes that he only has a crush on Sia and that Raghav and Sia both love each other but are shy to disclose it to each other. Knowing that Raghv-Sia both are actually in love with each other, Arjun hatches a plan to make them come closer and openly declare their love for each other. After Raghav left Elite, Sia was shattered. Arjun promises his best buddy Raghav that he will take care of Sia after Raghav leaves Elite. But then Sia met Kabir, whom she initially disliked. Kabir has taken admission in Elite during the 11th mid-semester with the motive to meet his long-lost father Karanveer.Kabir first meets Sia, the evening when Sia returns after dropping Raghav at railway station. Since Kabir saw her crying that day, he keeps irritating Sia saying "So your boy-friend dumped you." He keeps fighting with Sia. He is one of the richest person in India. He was initially jealous of Sia because she grabs all attention of Karanvir. Kabir makes plans to make Sia fall in the eyes of Karanveer and also tries to be an obedient boxer-student of Karanveer. Sia soon gets qualified for the Delhi Boxing Championship. After Kabir attempts to separate Sia from her close friends in Elite succeed, he realizes that Sia trusts him a lot and regrets his mistakes and says sorry to Sia. Aliyah a new exchange student and daughter of Principle is the best friend of Kabir and they are childhood friends. She has come to Elite for a project on 'Women In Men's World' and Sia as her case study. Aliyah is Kabir's childhood friend. Then Arjun has started liking her but is very shy to disclose this to Aliah directly. Arjun and Kabir initially disliked each other and considered each other to be BDF - Best Dushmans Forever but have later understand that they both care for Sia as friends. Gradually Kabir becomes very caring towards Sia and also becomes friends with Arjun. Then Kabir starts liking Sia but is aware of the Ragahv - Sia love story which happened before he entered Elite and tells Sia that he has not come to take place of Raghav in her life. He is slowly and gradually falling in love with Sia but realises that Sias dream man will remain Ragahv only and drops idea of proposing her. But both Arjun and Aliah realise that Kabir is indeed very caring towards Sia and feel that Kabir must disclose his feelings for Sia. But Kabir choses not to disturb his friendship with Sia and wants to continue to help Sia smile in her life. Instead Kabir encourages Arjun to find innovative ways to propose Aliah. Meanwhile Gauti is accused of stealing accessories like mobile, cameras and laptop by a plan of Saloni, due to which Board decides to nullify the scholarship awarded to poor students - Sia, Gauti, Pooja, Gurmeet and asks them to leave the school. Arjun, Akash, Amber, Vishal and Kabir then on advice of Ronnie Kapoor, protest before the principal to not to dismiss these students and later Arjun convinces Mr. Shenoy to convince Board to permit these students to continue in Elite. Alia being tired of waiting for Arjun to propose to her, decides to herself bend down by knees and proposes Arjun. Now Kabir advices Sia to keep thinking positively and asks her make a wish in her mind without disclosing him. Sia says she is happy with her life now as all her problems have got solved but the only one wish she has cannot be fulfilled by Kabir. Sia then gets the biggest surprise of her life when the next day she finds Ragahv in the decorated Gym. Later she learns that Ragahv and Kabir were in touch for past 1 month and it was Kabir who asked Ragahv to come back to Elite. Raghav studying Kabir's body language understands that even Kabir had fallen in love with Sia and this was the reason he always wanted to make Sia happy. He wisphers in Kabir's ears -"I understand dude." Raghav-Sia and Arjun-Alia, Pooja-Vishal, Rangeela-Saloni and Gurmeet-Sama then become a couple for lifetime.

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Star As
 Abigail Jain...  Sia Dhillon
 Himansh Kohli...  Raghav Oberoi
 Yuvraj Thakur...  Arjun Thakur/Juno
 Varun Kapoor...  Kabir Lazarus
 Sheena Bajaj...  Aliyah Shenoy
 Rohan Shah...  Gautam "Gauti" Dhillon
 Heli Daruwala...  Saloni Singhal
 Rupesh Kataria... Vishal Kapoor

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