Ben 10 (2005)


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Genre: Science fiction, Action, Adventure, Comedy, T

Release date: 27 December 2005


Director: Man of Action


Box office:

Producer: Alex Soto

Music Composer: Andy Sturmer

The story centers around Ben Tennyson (Tara Strong), a ten-year-old boy on a cross-country summer vacation, with his cousin Gwen (Meagan Smith) and their grandfather Max (Paul Eiding). On their first night camping in their grandfather's RV affectionately named the "Rust Bucket," Ben finds an alien pod with a mysterious watch-like device named the Omnitrix. The device then permanently attaches itself to his wrist giving him the ability to transform into a variety of alien life-forms each with its own unique skills and powers. With his newfound super powers Ben has to learn the responsibilities of being a hero. During their vacation, the Tennysons are attacked by various enemies ranging from space aliens to supernatural entities.

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Star As
 Tara Strong... Ben Tennyson
 Paul Eiding... Max
 Meagan Smith... Gwen
 Steven Jay Blum... Heatblast
 Dee Bradley Baker... Cash
 Jim Ward... Diamondhead
 Richard Steven Horvitz... Grey Matter
 Richard McGonagle... Fourarms
 Fred Tatasciore... Cannonbolt
 Dwight Schultz... Dr. Animo
 Charlie Schlatter... Tack
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