Roll No 21 (2010)


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Duration: 20 minutes

Genre: Animation/Comedy

Release date: 14 November 2010


Director: Aah Long, Uttam Pal Singh

Writers: Nidhi Aanand, Kaushik Chawla, Richa Deo, Alok

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Music Composer:

Kansa has reincarnated on earth to take over the world again and this time he has become Kanishk; the smooth talking principal of Mathura Anaath Ashram. But before he could make the world dance to his tune, he has to win complete obedience of his school and its kids. However, Kris' presence makes it difficult for him because Kris keeps the goodness in all the children alive.In order to get rid of Kris, Kanishk keeps calling various monsters and demons from Paataal Lok (the Netherworld) to fight and beat Kris but using his wit and mystical powers, Kris keeps defeating all the demons.Sometimes, Kanishk even tries himself and uses human psychology in an effort to get to the childish side of little Kris, but all his attempts fail as Kris with his friends overcome all the obstacles Kanishk creates for them.The series also shows Kris dealing with issues of a regular child going to school.

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