Sunaina (2013)


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Genre: Drama

Release date: 11 March 2013


Director: unknown


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The show revolves round a fifteen-year-old girl called Sunaina Mathur and the crazy world she lives in. Her typical family, a crazy set of friends, and a school where you break all the rules are the backdrop. It is a half hour family sitcom where each time, you enter the world of Sunaina and her friends and deal with her bizarre problems and their even more bizarre solutions. The philosophical level. They are the crux of every episode. This uncanny ability is a close guarded secret between Sunaina and her group of close friends. Her family does not know about it.How her day will go is dictated by her cryptic dreams, which she must share with her friends. The dreams are like solved mysteries, and the bulk of the story is based around how she and her friends decipher it and set out to solve it. If the dream is something good, then she and her friends look forward to solving it. If its something bad, she and her friends cook up a plan and will do all they can to offset it. But as a constant, every day, Sunaina gets up and decides to solve a problem related to her dream. And how she creates a problem bigger than the problem she dreamt about is the inherent comedy of errors of the series. The dreams could be about herself, her family, her friends, her school teachers, people she has read about, Shahrukh, Hrithik, Darryl Hair, the rude lady she met at the bus stop yesterday, a courier man who she is waiting for etc.. (Basically anyone who is present in her subconscious mind and she is mentally aware of...) The basic connect for the average kid/family viewer is that everyone dreams. We all try to decipher our dreams. Sometimes we hope our dream comes true. Some we don’t. Most of us just forget. And here is a girl whose dreams come true uncannily. We sometimes wish we were like her, and sometimes were glad we are not her. But every day, we all wish to see how Sunaina tackles her problem for the day and what kind of mess she makes out it and yet manages to emerge victorious/battered but wiser.

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Star As
 Palak Jain...  Sunaina Vijay Mathur
 Umang Jain... Nina Kutty
 Jayshree Soni... Ritika Bhattacharya
 Devansh Doshi... Sohail Shaikh
 Mridula Sathe... Swagatika
 Kalika Vatnani... Ms. Malpekar
 Kaustub Thakare... Rohan
 Lalit Parimoo... Principal Shastri
 Pragati Mehra... Geethika Mathur
 Nitish Pandey... Vijay Mathur
 Markand Soni... Rishabh Mathur

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